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HISTORY and MISSION of Compass Club

The founders of the Compass Club were Kay Thomas, Gertir Gerkin, Pat Kaufman, Virginia Hill, Jeanette Knowles, Virginia Daniels and Jean Sheets. The first meeting of the seven founders was held at the home of Mrs. McKinnan, Welcome Wagon Hostess and supervisor. The women were invited to learn about Welcome Wagon and encouraged to join. At that time Welcome Wagon was not a club but a luncheon group that met once a month. Membership was restricted to six months.

The women decided to form their own club to provide more opportunities to meet people and to get to know friends better through hobby groups. The women acquired the names of new families through the Council of Churches, Washington Water Power and various moving companies. Each family received a letter inviting the lady to attend a tea to be held at the Y.M.C.A. on October 14,1948. The letter explained the purpose of the meeting. Thirty newcomers attended the tea.

A business meeting was held in November and officers were elected and a constitution composed. Dues were debated and decided as $2.00 per year. In December the group decided to change the name so it would not be associated with the newcomer service. Harriet Reagan proposed the name“Compass Club” because a compass points to all directions from which the members come. It was decided that the direction finder would be an appropriate insignia. The art group designed it and the club voted on it as a permanent insignia.

The next step was to concentrate on hobby groups and membership. Hobby groups grew as the need arose and after ten months, there were 12 groups. At the end of the first year, there were 108 members from 40 of the 48 states.

Compass Club continues to thrive and serve its members. The peak membership was in 1979-1980 when there were over 450 members.

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