The name of this organization shall be THE COMPASS CLUB.


The purpose of the Club shall be the development of fellowship and
acquaintance among new residents and assimilation into the life and social activities of their new community


ARTICLE III Membership

Section A. QUALIFICATIONS: Any newcomer to the area who wishes to subscribe to the object of the Club, may within her first two years residence and upon payment of dues, become a member. Residents who do not meet the above qualifications, but support our object may still apply.

Section B. LENGTH OF MEMBERSHIP: Membership shall continue as long as a member is current in dues and remains in good standing. Good standing shall be construed to include all duties of members as outlined by these by-laws.

Section C. DUES:

1. Annual dues shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00). Senior citizens discounted annual dues of twelve dollars ($12.00) will be available to individuals who will be 65 years of age as of June 1.

2. Dues shall be paid before an applicant can become a member of the club or any of its interest groups. A prospective member is eligible to attend two monthly meetings before dues are payable.

3. Any member who has not paid her dues by June regular meeting (refer to Article VIII, Section A) or paid via US Mail or other delivery service postmarked after June 1 will not be listed in the membership directory/yearbook and will be dropped from the membership. To be reinstated, she must pay twenty dollars ($20.00) which covers the cost of membership and directory/yearbook .

4. New members joining after February 1 will pay dues of eight dollars ($8.00) which includes the membership directory.

5. All charter members of Compass Club and all past presidents of Compass Club are paid up members for life.


1. It shall be the duty of all members to present their best effort to volunteer and participate in as many club activities and functions as possible, thereby fulfilling the objectives of the club.

2. Voting privileges shall be each and every member's right and responsibility for the entirety of her membership.


Section A. The officers of the Club shall be Immediate Past President, President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer, who shall perform the duties usually required of such officers. They shall be elected by ballot by members and shall hold office for one (1) year.

Section B. Any member in good standing shall be eligible for election to any office.

Section C. A member shall not be eligible to hold a particular board position more than two consecutive terms, nor be on the board more than six (6 ) consecutive years.

Section D. Members not eligible for Board positions may work on committees and serve as hobby group chairs.

Section E. A vacancy in any office shall be filled by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

ARTICLE V Election of Officers

Section A. The Nominating Committee will work with the President and Past President to prepare a slate of officers for the annual election.

Section B. At the April meeting, the Nominating Committee shall present at least one nominee for each office of President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer. At that time, other nominations for an office may be made from the floor by any active member.

Section C. Nominees for the office of President shall have served on the Board.

Section D. The election of officers shall be conducted at the Annual Meeting. Candidates shall be elected by majority vote of those members present.

Section E. Appointments of Standing Committee Chairs shall be made by the new Executive Board.

ARTICLE VI Duties of Officers

A. PRESIDENT: The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club, Board, and Executive Board. In consultation
with other officers, she shall appoint all standing committees as she shall deem necessary. She shall be an ex-officio member of each committee.

B. FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: It shall be the duty of the First Vice President to preside at meetings of the Club, Board,
and Executive Board in the absence of the President, and to be the Social Chair, as well as perform other duties as the President may direct.

C. SECOND VICE PRESIDENT: The Second Vice President shall assist the First Vice President in all the duties of her

D. RECORDING SECRETARY: It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary to keep and record the minutes of each
business meeting.

E. CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: It shall be the duty of the Corresponding Secretary to keep the record of membership, andattend to all correspondence necessary to the function of the Club.

F. TREASURER: The Treasurer shall have charge of all funds of the Club. She shall collect all dues, pay all bills approved
by the Executive Board, Board and Club members, and make a written report of all receipts and expenditures of the Club
at its meetings.

ARTICLE VII Committees

Section A. STANDING COMMITTEES: Bulk Mailer, Decorations,Historian, Membership, Newsletter, Philanthropy, Publicity,
Telephone and Ways and Means.


1. Bulk Mailer: Shall be responsible for maintaining bulk mail account and mailing list, and shall mail monthly
newsletter and directory/yearbook.

2. Decorations: Shall see that decorations are provided at Club functions.

3. Historian: Shall be responsible for keeping the history of Compass Club in the Scrapbook.

4. Membership: Shall be responsible for the names of women as eligible for the Club, contacting and inviting them to the meetings. The Chair shall be responsible for collecting the membership dues and printing the Directory/Yearbook.

5. Newsletter: Shall be responsible for the publishing and printing of the newsletter once a month.

6. Philanthropy: Shall be responsible for all service programs of the Club.

7. Publicity: Shall be responsible for publicizing the Club and its groups.

8. Telephone: Shall notify all active members, by phone, card, or email, of each meeting, and take reservations for said meetings and for mixed parties.

9. Ways and Means: Shall be responsible for fund-raising for the operation of the Club.


Section A. Regular Meetings: Regular meeting of the Club shall be held the first Tuesday of every month.

1. The regular meeting shall consist of a business meeting, social period, and program.

2. The regular meeting may be changed at the discretion of the Board, provided that due notice of such change shall
be given to all members of the Club.

Section B. ANNUAL MEETING: The annual meeting shall be the regular meeting designated by the Board at which time the
election of officers to serve for the ensuing year shall take place.

Section C. GUESTS: Guests are welcome to all meetings. Guests are welcome to attend two monthly meetings annually before membership will be required for attendance.

Section D. COSTS: All members are held responsible for the cost of the function when reservations are required, unless reservations are cancelled in due time, at the discretion of the Telephone Chair.

ARTICLE IX Resolutions and Subscriptions

No resolutions or motion to commit the Club on any matter shall be considered by the Club until it has been discussed by the Board. Such resolutions or motions, if offered at a Club meeting, shall be Referred without discussion to the Board, which after having given due consideration to the matter, shall submit its recommendation. The Club may proceed to take such actions as may seem proper to the majority of the members.

ARTICLE X Bylaws Amendment

Notice regarding amendments shall be published in the newsletter and announced at the regular meeting one month prior to consideration. By laws may be amended at any regular meeting after the aforementioned rules have been met. A two-thirds vote of the members in good standing attending the meeting is required.


The rules contained in ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER, REVISED, shall govern this organization in all phases when not on direct conflict with the present Bylaws

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